Whistleblower Channel

Whistleblower Channel

What Is A Whistleblower?

A whistleblower is someone within an organization that is going to tell the public that the organization they work for is doing something immoral or illegal. Whistleblowers that significant risks because they are at risk of retaliation, and many other forms of harassment.

What Is A Whistleblower Channel?

A whistle blower channel is a secure channel where your organization can report certain actions in a secure, and anonymous way.

A whistle blower channel or portal can help uncover:

  • Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  • Abuse Of Power
  • Corruption
  • Stealing
  • Accounting

And many other hidden issues.

Why Do I Need One?

Many problems in organizations remain hidden for years. These problems keep growing and can cripple any company.

In reality, your company could have problems that could be solved before they are much bigger. But many times people are scared of retaliation.

Also most organizations do not have a way for a whistleblower to communicate to the right people.


It is very important that you treat all complaints in your company confidentially.

Do you have a secure and confidential way for your employees to communicate?

All the information should be disclosed only to the right people at the right time.

Also the identity of the the person complaining has to kept confidential, and only the necessary people involved in an investigation are made aware of identities.

Then you need to make sure that adequate steps are taken to make sure that the complainant is protected from retaliation.

Who Should Get A Whistleblower Channel?

Every organization should have a confidential whistleblower channel. You want to make sure that your company brings solutions to hidden problems. And not hide them.

However, the larger your organization the more important it is to bring these problems to the surface.

Many problems can stay hidden in politics and large hierarchical structures.

How Does It Work?

First of all, every employee will have access to a completely secure URL.

This URL will give them the ability to report any issue that they feel needs reporting.  Then your message will go to a predesignated person or department, so they can handle it properly. This person or department will be in charge of handling the complaint in the proper manner.

The only way to retrieve the message is with a generated code. This code completely confidential, and the only way to look up the complaint is by using this code.

So with this generated code you will be able to track the issue you reported. And the right people will makes sure that all complains are resolved accordingly.

See if the Whistle Blower Channel is for you!