Sexual harassment encompasses a variety of inappropriate and unwanted actions. The most common example is making sexual comments or advances. 54% of women report experiencing sexual harassment at work. But anyone can be a victim of sexual harassment.

Inappropriate behavior can lead to a lawsuit and even worse. This is why more companies are undergoing sexual harassment training. Six states have laws requiring sexual harassment training and certification. All other states encourage employers to undergo training.

You’ll receive a sexual harassment training certificate after completing the training. Here’s why the training and certification is important to the modern business world.

Why Sexual Harassment Training Is Necessary for Businesses

In 2018, there was a 13% increase in sexual harassment charges compared to previous years. Conversations surrounding sexual harassment started circulating and sexual harassment in the workplace training became more common.

This could be a reason why sexual harassment charges decreased by 1.2% in 2019.

Sexual harassment training doesn’t only define unwanted behavior. It also includes how you can prevent sexual harassment. The course has a segment for victims and bystanders, helping empower everyone in the workplace.

Your staff will have a better understanding of sexual harassment. They will know what’s outside boundaries to avoid inappropriate behaviors. Because of this, your chance of receiving a sexual harassment lawsuit decreases.

Everyone who completes the training will receive a certificate upon completion. This certificate is valid for two years and the training is compatible for all 50 states.

The Importance of Training Your Employees and Managers

The workplace should promote a positive environment. Employees and management should always feel safe at work. Sexual harassment training safeguards your staff from unwanted behavior. The training will also empower employees when issues arise.

Sexual harassment training is simple and easy to understand. The best online sexual harassment training courses are available 24/7 and trainees can work at their own pace.

The training requires an exam, but trainees have unlimited chances to complete the exam. You will receive your certificate within one hour of course completion.

Why You Need the Sexual Harassment Training Certificate?

The sexual harassment training certificate proves you completed the training. Every certificate includes the names of all staff members and is valid for two years.

For employers, these certificates serve as proof of training. You should keep a record of who took the test to stay compliant. It’s recommended you hold onto the certificate for two years until it’s time to take the course again.

We Offer Online Harassment Training for Employees

Sexual harassment is unfortunately common in the workplace, which is why sexual harassment training is necessary. When you and your staff complete sexual harassment training, every trainee will receive a sexual harassment training certificate upon completion.

Are you looking for the best sexual harassment training course? Our course is only $29.99 for both employees and managers.

The course is valid for all 50 states. We abide by state requirements, including Connecticut. You’ll receive the certificate an hour after taking the course.

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