What is Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

State regulations define sexual harassment as unwanted sexual advances, or visual, verbal or physical conduct of a sexual nature.

Sexual harassment prevention training is one of the most important tools that any company can provide its employees. It is the first step to create a workplace free of harassment.

Why Do I Need Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Sexual harassment prevention training will help all of your employees and your company reduce the likelihood of sexual harassment. Every company should have a Zero Tolerance policy to sexual harassment.

With training all employees can feel safe, happy and supported in their work environment. This will help your company perform at it’s maximum.

Federal & State Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

The following states have already made sexual harassment prevention training mandatory:

  • California
  • Connecticut
  • Delaware
  • Illinois
  • Maine
  • New York

We take training very seriously. Our training has been vetted and approved by attorneys to meet all requirements for:

  • California
  • New York
  • Illinois
  • All Other States (Except Connecticut, Delaware, Maine)

We are working hard to bring you all states soon.


States Have Very Strict Deadlines & Requirements

Most training platforms do not meet all of the requirements that the states have imposed.

Many states have hard deadlines and strong requirements to comply with new sexual harassment prevention laws.

Here are some of the requirements that sexual harassment training should have:

  • Training To Be Interactive
  • Training Must Comply With A Minimum Time Required
  • 2 hours Training for Supervisor Employees
  • 1 hour Training for Non-Supervisor Employees
  • Keep A Certificate Of Completion
  • Explanation Of Sexual Harassment
  • Examples Of Unlawful Sexual Harassment Conduct
  • Federal and State Statutory Provisions
  • Remedies Available To Victims
  • Employees’ Rights Of Redress
  • Available Forums For Adjudicating Complaints

As you can see that’s a long list of requirements for sexual harassment training.


Why Chose Our Sexual Harassment Prevention Training?

Our training is simple and easy.

However, what makes us special is we make it easy for you to track and follow up on your employees. For FREE.

We offer many feature that no other training offers for FREE:

  • Compliance: Follow up on your employees’ training status
  • Policy Manager: Create & manage a Policy required by your State
  • Easy Reporting: Simple reports to easily share information
  • Certificates: Make sure your employees sign their Certificates

Also, in the training you will find interactive videos to help your employees quickly finish all required hours. All you employees will be able to do it at their own pace, from any place, at any time.


Our training can be used by individuals looking to get their sexual harassment prevention training. We have a simplified version for a quick and easy access and completion.


Also our platform is perfect for Organizations looking to get sexual harassment prevention training. We provide organization many tools to help them create a safe work environment.

Video & Micro Learning

Our advanced micro learning platform will make sure that all your employees learn quickly, efficiently and from any location. This will reduce the amount of down time at work. Simple and quick videos make it easy.

Anti Sexual Harassment Videos & Micro Leaning
Progress Report & Certificates

FREE Reporting & Compliance

With Us You Get A Compliance Platform to make sure your employees do their training.

Easy follow up on training with a messaging portal.

Also you can run reports to see everyone of your employees’ status.

FREE Certificates

 All Employees will get a Certificate of Completion

 Follow up to with Employees about Certificate signatures

 Easy access and storage of certificates

 Digital version of certificate

Certificate of Completion
Sexual Harassment Prevention Training Online

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Our training has been approved and vetted by attorneys.

You will find our training is made:

For Non Supervisors

For Supervisors

In Spanish & English

Meet State Requirements

Spanish Version Available

We know that have many language versions will make it easier to train all your employees.

That’s why we offer a Spanish version of the platform.