Training & A Sexual Harassment Policy

Most people and businesses can understand that sexual harassment training is very important.

Also many also know that there are training requirements.

However, many businesses don’t know that they need a Sexual Harassment Policy.

Also, almost no one understands what is a proper sexual harassment Policy. Or how to properly handle all aspects of sexual harassment.


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What Is A Sexual Harassment Policy?

A sexual harassment policy represents the standard operating procedures that all of your employees should follow.

What a policy does is define what workplace sexual harassment is. Also it gives everyone the procedures to:

  • Filing complaints
  • Investigating sexual harassment claims
  • Giving appropriate disciplinary actions
  • Communicating to the right people

All of those are very important because they create an environment where everyone is safe an secure.


Do I Need A Sexual Harassment Policy?

In fact, many states already require a compliant Sexual Harassment Policy.

However, even if you are in one of the few states that don’t require it. If you are running a business, it’s very important that you have a policy.

A proper policy is your first line of defense. It will help your business with:

  • Better Communication
  • Avoid Making Problems Bigger
  • Creating A Safe Work Environment
  • Lowering Your Liability As A Business

These are a few of the important aspects to consider.


How Do You Create A Proper Policy?

While creating a policy can be very complicated, it is something you are required to have. In reality, if you are not an attorney you may not know what to do.

Your business should have a sexual harassment policy that addresses the following:

  • prohibit sexual harassment
  • examples of prohibited conduct
  • include information about the federal and state statutory provisions
  • include a complaint form
  • procedures for investing any problems
  • inform employees of their rights
  • sexual harassment is considered a form of employee misconduct
  • retaliation against individuals who complain of sexual harassment is unlawful

As you can see these are very delicate points that you cannot miss.

How do you know you haven’t missed something important? Are you sure your current policy is in compliance?

The great news is that we have a solution for you!


Sexual Harassment Policy Manager

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Our policy manager makes creating a policy easy for any business. Also, it makes sure you do not miss any of the previous requirements.

In order to create a Sexual Harassment Policy, all you will need are a few basic company facts:

  • Name
  • Address
  • State
  • Company Logo
  • Person Or Office In Charge Of Complaints
  • Email For Complaints

With this in a few minutes you will create a sexual harassment policy that complies with your State’s laws and regulations.


How Do I Know If It Was Signed?

Do I need a Sexual Harassment Acknowledgment Form?

The great news is that you will be able to see who signed the policy. You will not need to manually keep paper records. Your employees will be able to e-sign.

This is great because and you can track it any time from anywhere.

And if you are ever audited, you have nothing to worry about. Your records are easy to access and clean.


Try Out Our Policy Manager.

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