At Harassment Alert we know you want to provide training to all your employees, but you also have a business to run.

This is the reason we created our “Compliance Platform”.


What is a Compliance Platform?

Sexual harassment Training in the workplace is very important. However, the business has to keep running as your employees do their training.

The Problem

How do you keep track of all of your employees and where they stand in their training?

In order to make sure all your employees do their training, you would have to waste time and be on top of them.

You would waste your time sending emails, talking to them individually, and following up.

Not only that, did they sign their certificate?

Do you have a copy readily available?

All of this you would risk not only paying for a training, but getting fined if any of your employees missed a deadline, or some other requirement.

Problem Of Compliance
Automated Compliance Platform

The Solution

An simple system that follows up with all you employees, so you don’t have to.

Our Platform will make sure your employees hit their deadlines. And that they do all of their requirements.


How does it do it?

Simple, we develop a timeline for every employee. And our system makes sure every employees is on track.

When they are not, we will follow up with them until they do.

At the end of the day you will get reports of how well each person is progressing.

When there is a time crunch, we will make sure you know who needs to get to work.

Our Compliance Platform Is The Difference

Free With Any Training!

This is what makes us completely different from every training out there.

This platform means to you less headaches.

You are buying the security that your business will be in compliance.