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Find Your Required Anti-Sexual Harassment Training Online & Much More

Video & Micro Learning

Our advanced micro learning platform will make sure that all your employees learn quickly, efficiently and from any location. This will reduce the amount of down time at work. Simple and quick videos make it easy.

Easy Reporting

Do you really want to chase employees to make sure they do their training? Of course not. With us you get a portal where you can track all of the employees status. This way you can make sure everyone is meeting their requirements.

Policy Manager

Did you know many states require you to write a policy on everything that has to do with sexual harassment? Don’t worry, our policy manager will create a compliant policy for you. Also we will make sure that the policy is signed by all your employees.

Sexual Harassment Posters

We can provide you with a required Sexual Harassment Poster. This way you can display your poster in a visible place, as this is a requirement. 

Whistleblower Channel

A whistleblower channel is a secure channel where your organization can report certain actions in a secure, and anonymous way.

Help With Compliance

We provide all the required training you need, and the support to make sure you know all your employees have met their requirements.

Did You Know Many States Have Very Strict Deadlines & Requirements?

Many states have imposed hard deadlines to comply with the new harassment prevention laws.

Many states require:

  • Sexual Harassment Prevention Training For Supervisors & Non Supervisors
  • The Training Must Comply With A Minimum Time Required
  • A Compliant Company Policy That Addresses Sexual Harassment
  • Signatures & Certificates From All Your Employees
  • Posters Displayed At Your Workplace
  • A Way For Employees To Ask Questions
  • A Complaint Channel

We created Harassment Alert to make it easy to meet all these requirements, and we can help with all of the above.

Why Us?

  • We are a complete solution to comply with the new Sexual Harassment Prevention laws.
  • With Us You Get A Compliance Platform to make sure your employees do their training.
  • You will get many features for FREE that no other training provides.
  • You can get a Policy Manager that will help you create a compliant Policy in minutes.
  • Easy follow up on Policy Signatures
  • In our platform you will find interactive videos to help your employees quickly finish all required hours.
  • Our training is simple and easy. You and your employees can take your courses from the comfort of your home from any device.
  • We can provide your company with a dedicated and secure, Whistleblower Channel to securely communicate problems.
Same price for supervisors, non-supervisors, restaurants, etc. No long-term commitment & No set up costs.

Pricing Structure

  • 1 to 4 users: $19.95 per user
  • 4 to 50 users: $14.95 per user
  • 51 to 100 users: $13.95 per user
  • 101 to 200 users: $12.95 per user
  • 201 and Over users: $9.45 per user
Total Cost

Sexual Harassment Prevention Training

Our training has been approved and vetted by attorneys. You will find our training is made:

  • For Non Supervisors
  • For Supervisors
  • In Spanish & English
  • To Meet State Requirements

All you employees will be able to do it at their own pace, from any place, at any time.

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Your Compliance Team

Do you want to spend time finding out which employees did their training?

Of course not! You need a system that does it for you. One of the most difficult parts of required training is to make sure all of your employees actually do their training.

Not only do we offer training, but we make sure that your employees actually finish their training. You will be able to track live in our platform who has finished, and who is falling behind.

This way you never have to worry about being out of compliance. All this comes FREE with any training.

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Policy Manager

Many states require that you have you a policy on everything that has to do with sexual harassment. Our policy generator and manager will create a compliant policy for you company.

It’s easy to use and it will take you a few minutes.

Also we will make sure all employees receive and sign your company’s policy. Free with any training!

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Whistleblower Channel

A whistleblower channel is a secure channel where your organization can report certain actions in a secure, and anonymous way.

A whistle blower channel or portal can help uncover:

  • Sexual Harassment In The Workplace
  • Abuse Of Power
  • Corruption
  • Stealing
  • Accounting
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Free Sexual Harassment Prevention Posters

Are you searching for a Sexual Harassment Prevention Poster that you can display at your work place? We know that it can be very confusing to understand what you need to display at your workplace.

The great news is we have FREE compliant posters for you. And to make it easy, our free sexual harassment prevention posters come in a downloadable version.

Free Poster

Why Do I Need Anti-Sexual Harassment Training?

Anti-Sexual harassment training is a training that will help all of your employees and your company to make sure that the likelihood of sexual harassment is significantly reduced. Every company should have a Zero Tolerance policy to sexual harassment.

This way all employees can feel safe, happy and supported in their work environment. This will help the company perform at it’s maximum. The great news is that we offer anti-sexual harassment training online, for your convenience.

Our Guarantee

We have the only platform of its kind.

You will find the complete solution to sexual harassment in the workplace.

All our courses have been inspected to meet strict requirements.

All the additional resources have been developed to reduce the likelihood of sexual harassment.

Don’t wait any longer, create the best workplace environment now.

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